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Bryant Confirmation Hearing This Afternoon

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Vanessa Bryant is in Washington, D.C., today. In the afternoon, she will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her long-awaited confirmation hearing for the position of District Court Judge will finally take place.Another blog's take

Both the American Bar Association and the Connecticut Bar Association oppose her nomination. The largely anonymous ranking process for both groups rate her unqualified. There is chatter about her demeanor and ability as a jurist.

She should be confirmed. I've appeared before her in her capacity as a trial judge. Sure, she can be difficult at times. But who isn't at trial? She has also served as presiding civil judge in several venues in Connecticut. She is a quick study and can master difficult subjects.

That she is not a member of the federal bar clubs is no disability. Unfortunately, she will most likely fit the emerging mold of "jurist as manager." While I dislike a managerial bench, that is no reason to refuse to confirm her. Perhaps lifetime employment will knock a few rough edges off and she will emerge as a comfortable and confident jurist.