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Graffiti Artist [sic] Ordered to Surrender Passport?

This is moronic:  

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsch ordered mixed martial arts champion Jeff Monson to surrender his passport Tuesday after Monson pleaded not guilty to

0018-Jeff monson stand off

 malicious-mischief charges for allegedly spray-painting an anarchist symbol on the Capitol last year.

The order casts doubt on whether Monson will be able to appear in two scheduled fights overseas.  Monson, 38, has a fight scheduled in February in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in March in Tokyo.

After Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joe Wheeler asked that Monson surrender his passport during Monson's arraignment Tuesday, Monson leaned over and whispered to Wheeler, "Are you going to support my family now?" 

Yes, it's completely retarded for a 38-year-old man to go around spray painting anarchist symbols.  That doesn't make him a flight risk.  

The judge seems to think that the guy is going to flee the country rather than face "swift and certain" justice for illegally spray painting an anarchist symbol?  Are you serious?  Monson won't even get prison time.  Worst case, he'd do a few days in jail.  

Why would he leave his wife and two children to avoid probation?  Get real, Judge Hirsch.  You took one look at Monson, deemed him a scary white man, and then allowed your biases and prejudices to take over.  There is no legal basis for taking Monson's passport.  He is not a flight risk - even if you find him scary looking.