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Quick Thought on Libertarian Paternalism

Those opposed to libertarian paternialism should spend some time talking to people with sub-100 IQs.  Seriously.  Try explaining a basic concept like Pythagora's theorem to someone who is as smart as half of the population.  (Relatedly: I tell my liberal friends, mostly Ivy-league grads, that they should go teach at a rural junior college before spouting off that everyone is capable of obtaining a college education.)  It's amazing what one learns about humanity when one actually engages humans.

It's probably not a coincidence that libertarians are smarter than average.  People tend to find a morality that suits them.  The rest is artiface.  If you're smart but physically frail, you might be a libertarian.

"Your rights end at the bridge of my nose."  Clever, right?  Somehow it's entirely moral to trick mental midgets into buying knives from QVC at 33.33% interest (compounded daily); but it's immoral for those fat-fingered plebians to break your noses when you say, "You signed the contract!"

Yes, stupid people need to be protected from themselves.  If you doubt this, spend a few days having actual conservations with people outside of your socio-economic class.  You might actually learn something.