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Memento Mori

My friends don't believe me, but I have a small ego. Or, if not, I appreciate my own mortality. You could have everything...And it will all be gone due to a brain tumor, a car crashing into you, or a loved one's death.  Even if you "make it," you will still die.  Vanitas  

When the victorious Roman generals would parade through Rome, a slave would remain behind them, whispering: Memento mori. ("Remember, you will die.")  A young lawyer should have studied classical history rather than female anatomy.  

Terry J. Record was 29-years old with a red BMW. He was taking shots of hard liquor with strippers.  He went to a local bar - the local scene for GOP power players, lap dogs, and cops.  Life was good.

Rather than calling a cab, or driving responsibly

Record left Brad's Brass Flamingo ... and ran a red light at Southeastern Avenue and Pleasant Run Parkway. His red BMW, traveling 59 mph in a 35-mph zone, plowed into Jimmy R. Cash’s truck, nearly splitting it in two.

Cash, 46, a father and husband, died at the scene

Record is now a convicted felon and ex-lawyer.

Far from being a victory Roman general, Record was a boot licker and wannabe power player.  It would have been nice if he had died.  Nevertheless, Record, lacking all appreciation for his own morality - or the existence of others - drove drunk; sped; and ran a red light.  Any of those three would have enough to kill someone.  That Record pulled a hat trick revealed his trivial nature.  Lacking appreciation for his own human fragility, he nearly lost everything.

Any of us, though, could have been Jimmy Cash.  Any of us could - at any minute - be murdered by the narcissistic, sociopathic, and trivial.  Your mundane drive home could be your death.

Memento mori.