Feminism's War Against Young Men
No Class Issue in Coverage of Brown Rape Case?

Did Marcella Beth Dresdale Falsely Accuse a Student of Rape?

A young man was thrown out of college without any due process after a woman allegedly falsely accused him of rape:

A former student has sued Brown University in federal court, saying university officials interfered with his efforts to clear his name after another student, the daughter of a prominent Brown alumnus and donor, accused him of rape.

In documents unsealed Monday, the former student, William McCormick III, said the university had failed to follow its own disciplinary policies and sent him home to Wisconsin after the woman’s father made calls to top university officials. The rape accusation was never reported to the police by Brown or the woman, according to the lawsuit. Within a month, Mr. McCormick had agreed to a private settlement with the woman’s lawyer: if he withdrew from Brown, she would not file criminal charges.

Even though it is alleged that the accusation was false, the mainstream media has refused to identify the accuser.  Indeed, the mainstream media refused to identify the false accuser in the Duke Lacrosse case - even after it became clear that the accusations were false.

The media will destroy a man's reputation - even if the charges against him are false.  The media will protect a woman's reputation - even where, as here, it seems the woman falsely accused a man of a crime.

We believe in equal rights for men and women.  A woman who allegedly filed a false rape accusation is morally on no different footing than any other alleged criminal.  Therefore, as with other alleged criminals, they should be identified.  The woman who allegedly falsely accused a young college student of rape is named Beth Dresdale.