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How Government Caused the Jared Lee Loughner Massacre

Everyone wants a why for the mass shooting, and now we have it:

The suspect in Saturday's deadly rampage purchased a firearm legally after passing an FBI background check, the company's vice president of hunting operations told on Sunday.

The memo also includes information about the suspect's mother, who works for the Pima County Board of Supervisors and notes that Loughner has multiple arrests but no criminal record.

Word on the street is that Mommy used her connection with the County Sherrif's office to keep Loughner from being formally charged. Loughner, you'll recall, terrified a community college campus:

We know that Loughner's behavior so bothered his classmates and professors at Pima Community College that the school asked him to leave, ordering him to undergo a psychological evaluation. His strange conduct also led to several run-ins with Pima campus police, and prompted one student to vent in an e-mail to a friend that Loughner "scared the living crap" out of her.

Even though Loughner was a criminal and a psycho, he never did jail time. This is because his mom was well-connected, and called the right people. Thus, those who need a scapegoat have found it: Unequal justice under the law is why a Congresswoman is in the hospital, and a small child is dead.

It is time to formally investigate Mommy Loughner, and all of the police and prosecutors who did her bidding. Were formal or informal bribes exchanged? Someone must be held accountable now, and something must be done to protect us in the future.

Preventing the next massacre requires a radical solution. Government officials must longer have the power to pull strings to protect their friends and families. Until people like Mommy Loughner are stripped of their ability to "call in favors," none of us are safe. In the meantime, the police and prosecutors who allowed Jared Lee Loughner to go on his reign of terror must be fired immediately.