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What is a Beta Male?

Society has achieved a full inversion of values when this is a beta male

A beta male is frequently a male who is trying to be a man by doing the right thing: He works hard to learn the difficult trades demanded in the modern economy; he treats women with respect and deference, he is generally sober, he spends a lot of time trying to understand prevailing political and philosophical currents. As a result, he is very unlikely to be the seductive Prince Charming that today's young women have been brought up to expect as their birthright. 

My critics humorously assume that I am pro-alpha males. The opposite is true. Alpha males are parasites on society, and the desecration of traditional culture disturbs. Yet a man has to make a choice. Do you go through your 20's and 30's sexless and frustrated, or do you have unlimited sexual options?

Vivacious 20-something women have little interest in drudges, unattractive guys, late bloomers, short guys, introverted guys, etc. etc. As a result, roughly half of males can't get a decent date during their 20s. Hymowitz has read the work of the amateur evolutionary psychologists in the "seduction community" and appears to agree with roughly 80% of their findings: Young attractive women overwhelmingly seek alpha males. As a consequence, she writes, "beta" males have been the primary losers in the sexual revolution.

As a citizen and member of a national community, I wish there were more beta males. I am typing on a laptap that a beta male invented. My blog's software was created by a beta male. If I ever get cancer, a beta male will provide me life-saving drugs. (All medical research is beta, although some doctors are alpha.) Nearly everything awesome about civilization came from a beta male.

Nearly everything bad about society comes from alpha males. A Wall Street prick is an alpha male. How does a Goldman Sachs trader's sex life compare with a cancer researcher's? How does the average felon's sex life compare with a dutiful corporate employee's?

You can yell at me and call me an misogynist, and yet it's women who are the ones mistreating men. Women want assholes - if you disagree with me, then please Google revealed preferences -  and therefore I advise young me to give women what they so deeply want and richly deserve.

In good conscience, I could never advise a man to be a beta. Go to Wall Street, and steal, young men. Become assholes. Play video games, get drunk, and enjoy your 20's. Because otherwise, this is your prize:

Women in their 30s who are still unmarried (roughly half nowadays) often begin to get the urge to marry and settle down. But the pickings are slimmer. The women are somewhat less attractive, they have fewer years of fertility remaining and the remaining [alpha] men their own age are less interested. 

You see that especially among educated women. Julie Klausner was once a stunning red head. When she was young and beautiful, instead of settling down a quality man, she had sex with hundreds of "indie rockers, hipsters, trust funders, pornographers, and felons."

Now that none of those men want Klausner, like the fox who couldn't jump high enough for the sweet grapes, Klausner claims to be done with alpha males. Now she wants a beta male. Marry her, slave!

What man would marry a "reformed slut"? No alpha male, that's for sure. And the beta males who went dateless in their 20's are now somewhere between bitter and content. With full bank accounts and easy access to porn and escorts, why would those men settle for a frat-party reject

And why would any man risk this fate?

Roughly 70% of divorces are initiated by women - yet women get the kids almost every time. They also get child support. Once they have the kids and the money, it's a fairly easy matter to get a restraining order on a man who wants to see his kids. Obviously there are many deadbeat dads out there. But there are also many successful men who have been raked over the coals -- and it's the successful men that women are interested in.

It time for women to woman-up. Stop being insufferable nags. Stop denying men the right to visit their children. Stop filing for divorces in record numbers.

When women start womaning-up, men who are on strike will come to the table. Until then, the Male Union will continue supporting the strike, and will continue corrupting and educating the youth.