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District Attorney George Gascón is a Racist

There is a major hate crimes issue in Oakland and San Francisco. Blacks have singled out Asians for assaults. Here is a typical story:

A man who had just stepped off a Muni bus in the Portola neighborhood of San Francisco was attacked by a group of eight people late Wednesday night, according to a spokesman for the San Francisco police.

When I read that headline, I knew immediately that the "group of eight people" were black. I was also certain that the victim was Asian. Yet the San Francisco Examiner buries the lede:

The attack happened at about 11 p.m. Wednesday as the 33-year-old man was getting off of a 9-San Bruno bus at the intersection of Silver and San Bruno avenues, San Francisco Police Department Lt. Troy Dangerfield said.

If you continue reading, you'll find the lede in the story's concluding paragraph:

The victim in the attack was Asian American, but there is no immediate indication that the attack was racially motivated, Dangerfield said.

Some of you will say, "How can we know it was a hate crime!" You wouldn't make that same statement if the victim had been black, and the assailants had been white. That's because you're a racist. And you're in good (bad) company.

The very next day, the San francisco Examiner offered this headline, "District Attorney George Gascón says hate crimes on the rise in San Francisco." No, this is not about blacks brutalizing Asians. Instead, it's about whites attacking Mexicans.

Three men were arraigned Thursday in connection with an alleged assault on two Mexican nationals in the Tenderloin in which the suspects yelled “white power,” San Francisco prosecutors said.

District Attorney George Gascón cited the “brutal” attack as evidence that hate crimes and white supremacist groups are on the rise in The City.

In San Francisco, there has been one wolf pack of whites on non-Asian minorities. One. Yet that one assault is enough to justify claims of a "trend." Meanwhile, there have been dozens of black-on-Asian assaults.

Yet District Attorney George Gascón has not formed a task force to combat the horrible hate crimes blacks commit. Like most San Francisco liberals, Gascón is a racist. He simply doesn't care that Asians are targets. Or if he does care, he doesn't have the courage to go against his racist constituency - which would howl at anyone who proclaimed blacks capable of committing hate crimes.