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Joel Rosenberg: He Died Fighting

Joel Rosenberg was a writer and gun rights advocate. Under Minnesota law, he had the right to carry a concealed gun to a police station. Some of you might disagree with the wisdom of such a law, as you're pathetic cowards who believe only the police should own guns. You are women who cannot imagine fending for yourselves, or "men" whose hands are too soft from decades of hand lotion and masturbating into socks. Your hands would tremble when holding cold steel in your fragile hands.

Sgt. William Palmer disregarded the law, as he told Joel that bringing a gun into a police station would get Joel arrested. What did Joel do?

​What happens when you bring a gun into a police station? You get arrested. A month later.

At least that's what happened to Joel Rosenberg, Minneapolis's most rabid gun advocate, after he flaunted the piece strapped to his side in front of Sgt. William Palmer in City Hall last month.

He walked into the police station with his gun, was arrested, and faced a wrongful prosecution. 

I can hear the complaints. Isn't that stupid? Why challenge the law?

Why not grovel like oxen? "For my yoke is soft, and my charge is light," the State sayeth. Selah.

While men like Joel seem like odd balls, the truth is you are parasites on his hairy ass. The only reason any of you pathetic pussies have any freedom at all is because men like Joel Rosenberg are willing to challenge the police - yes, even if it means facing an arrest and spending money defending himself in court. 

Joel Rosenberg died, and with him died his case against corrupt Minnesota law enforcement - and the tyranny of the state more generally. It's sad that his woman and friends lost a man. It's sad for us that we lost a crusader.

Rosenberg is dead, but you are alive. Joel's death gives you time to reflect on your own lives.

Do you grovel like a supplicating boot licker? Do you live timidly, hating guns because you lack masculnity and self-possession? 

Or do you live - and die - like a man?