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Consent, S&M, and Rape Fantasies

Imagine a woman tells you she has a rape fantasy. In order for the fantasy to work, you are told, you must ignore her screams and pleas. After all, it wouldn't be rape if she could stop you. 

Sound outrageous? Consider a case involving San Francisco lawyer, Robert Michael Hoffman.

Hoffman posted ads seeking out women with rape fantasies:

An ad posted in June stated, in part, "I want you, I want to hit you, I want you to cry," court documents show. "I want you to be scared of me sometimes." 

Women answered his ads by appearing at his apartment, even though:

Other ads told women who agreed to meet him they would be pulled to the knees by their hair, slapped, degraded and humiliated.

In other words, the women wanted to be fantasy-raped, and they knew they would be fantasy-raped upon entering the apartment. There's more:

Hanlon said two of the victims who came forward to cops had more than one encounter with Hoffman. One of the victims wrote an email to Hoffman stating, "I read your ad and sounds so hot," court documents show.

Even though the woman consented to be fantasy-raped, prosecutors contend that a lawyer is a rapist because he didn't take no for an answer: 

But prosecutors say the women became victims as soon as their demands to stop the sex acts went unheard. Hoffman became rough with the women as soon as they reached his apartment door, court documents show.

Yet the entire point of the encounter was for their demands to stop the sex to remain unheard. They had  rape fantasy. They wanted to be taken against their will. That's why they showed up to the guy's apartment.

This is going to be an interesting case to watch, especially considering the allegations:

Victim: 36-year-old East Bay woman 
Date: March 
Charges: Two counts of forcible oral copulation, one count of sexual battery

Oral copulation charges never impress. If a man told me to suck his dick, I would bite it off. Why can't a woman do the same thing?