The Boston Tea Party Was a Riot
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From Rob, in response to this post:

C'mon Mike. Really? Our Boston Tea Party "rioters" were hard-working, otherwise law abiding, and sometimes even educated subjects. Their destruction of property was limited to tea - the class of property associated with the protested-against policy. And of course they were not nihilists. All evidence indicates that they generally adhered to social conventions of their day.

In contrast, the British Rioters are for all intents and purposes sub-human. They don't deserve to be called nihilists or anarchists or anything that implies some degree of reflection. They are wild animals. Amicus and my dog, Walker, are far more of human beings than this underclass scum. I understand your desire to see someone hold our governments and their masters to account, but these beasts aren't capable. If this behavior were all about rage against the rich, we'd expect to see targeting of the rich. We don't. Poor and rich alike are vandalized, looted, and burned. This rioting is about momentary entertainment, watching the world burn. This is Clockwork Orange, Mike, not 1776.