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The World Still Isn't Ready for Nietzsche

It took less than 30 minutes to understand why the world isn't ready for Nietzsche.

The second lecture in the Great Courses series, "Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche," wasn't about any of Nietzsche's core concepts. There was no mention of the death of God, or the life of the ubermensch. 

There was no discussion of Nietzsche's overcoming of tremendous sickness. Most of us lack the will to write a single book. Nietzche's will to write broke through walls of poor health:

His eyesight was wretched. Doctors advised him to read and write as little as possible, but he did not heed their advice, had terrible migrane headaches, took all sorts of pills, was sick to his stomach much of the time and in altogether terrible health.

No, the liberal professors from the University of Texas, Austin would have nothing to say of Nietzsche's triumphs though sickness.

Instead, they must let you know that Nietzsche is safe. Here is Lecture 2:

2. Quashing the Rumors About Nietzsche
Professors Robert Solomon and Kathleen Higgins invalidate the spurious rumors surrounding Nietzsche, for example, that he was insane, misogynistic, nihilistic, anti-Semitic, power-mad, relativistic, and amoral.

Anyone who would need those rumors quashed isn't ready for Nietzsche.