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R. Rex Parris Law Firm Gets $10.5 Million Settlement

Civil defense lawyers occasionally find this humble blog after Googling, "lawyers who have beat Rex Paris." Instead of learning about those alleged lawyers, they are likely to find reports of huge personal injury verdicts and awards.

Last week the Rex Parris Law Firm, with Alexander Wheeler as co-counsel, settled a personal injury action for $10.5 million dollars.

In 2009, the same duo obtained a record, $370 million dollar verdict against all around scoundrel Georges Marciano. $370 million almost makes the $135 State Farm settlement seem small.

Defense counsel looking for lawyers who beat Rex Parris will need to keep looking.

DHL Express and Consolidated Deliveries & Logistics to Pay $10.5 Million to Woman Severely Injured in 2005 Vehicle Collision, Announces R. Rex Parris

The R. Rex Parris Law Firm Wins Major Victory for Accident Victim

LANCASTER, Calif., Jan. 5, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The crash that almost killed L.M. was violent. Now, 6 1/2 years after L.M.'s vehicle was hit by a DHL package delivery truck driven by DHL driver Susan McKinley, Ms. M finally received justice in the form of a settlement agreement under which defendants DHL Express, Consolidated Deliveries & Logistics and other defendants have agreed to pay the plaintiff $10,500,000.

On the morning of May 23, 2005, Ms. M'S car was struck by Susan McKinley's package delivery truck in Lancaster, California. Ms. McKinley ran a red light while travelling over 50 mph and struck the front-passenger side of M'S car while M was waiting to make a left turn. Ms. M was trapped in her car for 10-15 minutes before she was extricated and airlifted to the hospital. She lost consciousness and remained in a coma for several days after the crash. She was initially hospitalized for over two weeks and then went between the hospital and a skilled nursing facility for another month. Eventually, Ms. M was discharged to intensive home health care, living assistance and physical therapy.

At the time of the crash, the defendant McKinley was in a DHL uniform driving her delivery truck that was used to deliver DHL packages. The investigating Sheriff's Deputy who accompanied McKinley to the hospital after the crash testified that McKinley admitted to smoking marijuana the morning of the crash. At the time of the crash, Ms. McKinley was on her way to the "CD&L" station in Lancaster, California, where all DHL packages that either went to or left the Antelope Valley were sorted and processed for delivery.

DHL and CD&L claimed McKinley was an independent contractor, not an employee, and that they thus had no liability for McKinley's conduct. The case settled on October 31, 2011 before the damages portion of the trial was to start and over a year after a seven-day jury trial in 2010 on the issue of whether McKinley was an employee or an independent contractor. "The jury that decided the employment issues found DHL and CD&L were Ms. McKinley's direct employers," said Alexander R. Wheeler one of M'S trial attorneys.

Ms. M suffered severe injuries in the crash, including traumatic brain injuries (subdural hematoma left frontal lobe), acute respiratory failure, a lacerated spleen, fractured left pelvis and sacrum and fractured ribs.

"The case is an example of the hard fight that injury lawyers must mount against companies that do everything they can to deny accountability and leave their innocent victims holding the bag. I am proud that we were able to represent Linda M and achieve a hard-fought victory against a team of corporate lawyers," said Alexander R. Wheeler.

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