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The Great Courses Meets Trial Law

Trails of Evidence: How Forensic Sciene Works. Thirty-six, thirty-minute lectures covering such fascinating subjects as:

  • Using Science—Crime Scene to Courtroom
  • Crime Scenes and Forensic Evidence
  • Fingerprint Science—Hands-Down ID
  • Telltale Marks—Tools, Guns, and Ammunition
  • Forensic Analysis of Vehicle Accidents
  • Fire Science and Explosion Forensics
  • Blood Evidence—Stains and Spatters
  • The Science of Death

Who can say no to the science of death?

Although I haven't watched this course, my experience with The Great Courses has been nothing short of outstanding. (My only beef with TGC is that they don't have an affiliate agreement. I've sent them quite a few customers.) Every course goes on sale for 70% off, and this one is current going for $99.95.

(RetailMeNot always has the latest coupon codes up, so if you're going to order the course, save yourself a few bucks.)

Other courses that are on sale and that I've recently finished and that are amazing:

Happy learning.