Charges 2 & 3: Wire Fraud
Shut Up

Criminal History Quiz

Unfortunately I only answered Questions 9 & 10 of this quiz correctly. Perhaps you can do better.  (Hat tip:

1. Name the subject of a biography written by Clifford Irving, for which Irving was convicted of fraud.
2. Name Attorney General John Mitchell's co-defendant in S.D.N.Y prosecution.
3. Name the former federal prosecutor who wrote "The Friends of Eddie Coyle."
4. Name the Judge who presided over the main Watergate trial.
5. Name the United States Senator from N.J. who was convicted during the Abscam investigation.
6. Name the New York City Water Commissioner who was convicted in S.D.N.Y. Lindsay administration prosecution.
7. Name the lead federal prosecutor in the Rosenberg atomic secrets spy case.
8. Name the former federal prosecutor married to the author of "Compromising Positions."
9. Name the lead defense attorney for Governor John Connally in the trial stemming from the Watergate investigation.
10. Name the lead defense attorney who won a reversal by the Supreme Court in the Sam Shepard case.

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