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Blawg Notes

I was pleased to learn that All Deliberate Speed has rejoined the land of the living.  All Deliberate Speed focuses on civil rights.  ADS's coverage of all civil rights issues is excellent.  He also helps law students.  In this post he provides excellent advice for those seeking a judicial clerkship.  UPDATE:  I noticed that ADS has a permalink to me.  How terrific!  He does not link to the Federalist Society, though. ;^>

Professor Douglas Berman's blawg, Sentencing Law & Policy, was cited in an en banc decision of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  I believe this to be the first time a blawg has been cited in an appellate opinion.  I also noticed that his blawg has received almost 13,000 hits since June 28.  Terrific.  He proves that law professors can obtain significant attention when they produce a product the market actually desires.  What is most appealing about his blawg is Prof. Berman's absolute lack of self-congratulations or arrogance.  Indeed, he is such a swell guy that I frequently praise him, which makes me feel weird!

Screaming Bean (brought to my attention by Legal Underground) offers wonderful advice to would-be 1L's.  My advice: Use Aspen's Examples and Explanation books for Con Law and take the LEEWS legal writing program.  I don't want to brag about grades.  Let's just say that before LEEWS my grades were sh*t.  After LEEWS my grades were better.

CrimLaw and Feddie share their personality types.  (Ken's is here.  Feddie's is here.)  You can take the personality test here.  Now if only Prof. Leiter would take the test...

Class Maledictorian is worth a daily visit.  She was sorely missed at Saturday's party.

I hope you enjoy these blawgs.  Sorry for the lack of substance these past couple of days.  I was the Federalist Society's Student Leadership Conference all weekend.  Now I am playing catch-up with my paying job.