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Court Watching

Below please find discussions on the Court's most recent term.

"The Washington Legal Foundation hosts a review of the 2003 Supreme Court term with appellate experts Kenneth W. Starr, Andrew J. Pincus, and Richard Klingler."  To watch this, click here.

The American Constitution Society's Supreme Court Review can be found here.

You can watch PBS's "Judicial Review here.  "Margaret Warner reviews the judicial opinions of the recent term with Douglas Kmiec, a professor at Pepperdine University Law School, and Harold Koh, dean of Yale University Law School."

The Heritage Foundation will be hosting "Scholars & Scribes Review the Rulings: The Supreme Court's 2003-2004 Term" on July 12, 2004.  Details here.  [If a video feed of this event becomes available, I will post it here.]

The CATO Institute has not yet posted details for its an annual Supreme Court Review.  However, you can watch "The Supreme Court at Midterm," "[f]eaturing Thomas Goldstein, Partner, Goldstein & Howe; Erik S. Jaffe, Erik S. Jaffe, P.C; and James L. Swanson, Editor in Chief, Cato Supreme Court Review" here .

(Links to the WLF and HF talks via How Appealing)