My Razor Has Been Dulled

Legal Loons

Apropos this post over at Notes from the Legal Underground (be sure to read the comments) comes Norm Pattis' latest column, It's a Looney Tunes World; Lawyers Play Part of Daffy (free registration required. But it's worth it to read Norm's weekly column). Writes Norm:

Any chance we can shut down the courts for a month and regroup? The headlines of late are grim and depressing. So much misconduct by lawyers that it has got me to wondering what's going on. I, for one, want a refresher on ethics and the basics.

Consider the following:

Norwalk's Sherri Paige suspended from the practice of law for one year. An Egyptian client fires her and demands his file. She threatens to report him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a possible terrorist. No Ashcroft Award for her?

Francis Glynn of Hamden reprimanded for not turning funds over to a client promptly. He is ordered to take an ethics course. He doesn't go to class, and gets suspended for 30 days. Perhaps a hearing test is in order, too.

Windham Senior State's Attorney Roger R. Caridad buys some time off when questions are raised about sexual and platonic relationships with people a little too close to a case he is prosecuting. Memo to Caridad: Don't do the hokey pokey at work.

Keith C. McDonough of Clinton gets suspended in California and now Connecticut authorities want parallel discipline here. He didn't pay a fine and practiced while suspended, California says. A simple "ouch" suffices here.