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Anti-Spyware Legislation

From BNA's E-Commerce and Law Daily:

LOS ANGELES--The California Senate passed a bill Aug. 26 designed to make it harder for spyware to sneak onto consumers' computers.

SB 1436 - the full text of which is available here - introduced by Sen. Kevin Murray (D), was passed on a concurrence vote of 32-1 and now goes to the desk of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R). Dubbed the Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act, the bill prohibits a person from causing computer software to be installed onto a computer and using the software to:

*take control of a computer;
*modify the computer's Internet settings;
*collect "personally identifiable information" in a deceptive manner;
*prevent, without authorization, a user's efforts to block or disable such software;
*misrepresent that the software can be disabled or uninstalled by the user; or
*remove, disable, or render inoperative security, anti-spyware, or anti-virus software operative on the computer.

I've read the bill and it is expansive.  To me, it looks like a very good bill.  However, I'll leave it to the tech law master to teach us its implications.