Eleventh Circuit Tells Congress it can't Outlaw In-State Child Pornography
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Via KempLaw comes a law so stupid that I had to verify it's existence:

Indiana has a law prohibiting being at a place where illegal activities are going on. This law permits the arrest and conviction of someone who is not actively engaged in any otherwise illegal conduct (I've had clients who were sleeping upon arrest for this), but there is illegal activity going in the place where they are.


The crime is called visiting a common nuisance, and is defined by I.C. § 35-48-4-13(a), as: “[a] person who knowingly or intentionally visits a building, structure, vehicle, or other place that is used by any person to unlawfully use a controlled substance commits visiting a common nuisance, a Class B misdemeanor.”

Please read the full post (especially if you live in Indiana) for the implications of this law.