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Citational Footnotes?

Stop the presses!

Before reading this article I never knew that police officers speed, creatively fill out time sheets, and run personal errands on official time.

This eye-opening article, which ranks with The Jungle in exposing practices about which we were unaware, ledes:

It's 2:58 on a gorgeous fall afternoon, and US Marshal Anthony Dichio is 35 miles from the federal courthouse in Boston where he works. As he steers his government-issued sport utility vehicle along the leafy roadways of Westford, Dichio lazily hangs his left arm out the window.

He'll be home in three minutes, having put in a total of three hours and one minute in the office.

For Dichio, it was a short, but not the shortest day he worked during 10 recent days on which the Globe observed him. On two of the days, he didn't go into the office at all.