Crawford and the Second Circuit: Redux

The price of dissent

John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou host a popular Southern California talk-radio show entitled the "John and Ken Show." They, like many conservatives, feel that Republicans have been lax on important conservative issues, including border security. Thus, they have been suggesting that Republications vote against Congress David Dreier (R-Cal.) to send a message. Those serious about border security count: You disregard them at your own risk. And so, they have been using their radio show to support the Democratic candidate for office, Cynthia Matthews.

Donald L. McGahn II, the General Counsel for the National Republican Congressional Committee, wants to send John, Ken, and Ms. Matthews to prison. I guess the Republicans are merely protecting their incumbants. Hey, it's politics at its best.

Under 2 U.S.C. 437g:

Any person who believes a violation of [BCRA] has occurred, may file a complaint with the [Federal Elections] Commission.
Mr. McGhan has filed a criminal complaint against, John, Ken, and Ms. Matthews under this provision. You can find it here.

I'd like to insult Mr. McGhan, but I'm a "show don't tell kind" of person. McGhan filed a criminal complaint against people who went against a Republican Congressman. He wants to use the law to shut up John and Ken. Indeed, on Page 7 of the Complaint, McGhan suggests that that the FEC refer John and Ken "to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution."

Do I even need to comment?

I think you should. Here is McGhan's contact information: Don McGahn (202-479-7020)

You can send feedback directly from this page.

This is not about liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. This is about free speech and McGhan's attempt to stifle it.