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Now I feel sorry for the guy

J. Tony Serra

[Ed's note: I get several daily hits from Googlers looking for information on Tony Serra. Okay, here goes...]

I've met him and many of the lawyers at his law firm. He is brilliant, creative, and studied in local court practice and procedure. If I needed legal representation, I'd hire him. I would take out a credit card if that's what it took. He is that good.

If I lived in San Francisco, I would want to work for him. In fact, he's probably the only lawyer I am really interested in studying under.

Not too many people know about him because he's low key. He ditched an awards ceremony put on by "public interest lawyers" because he thought they were too establishment. He drives a crappy car and smokes medical marijuana every day. He'll tell you everything I'm telling you. (Indeed, I learned about the medicial marijuana from an article available here).

I'd put money up that he is about 20 IQ points above any of his critics.

The lawyers he works with at his law firm are similarly intelligent, creative, and tough.

If you ever get a chance, you should check out his law offices. It's located in the quasi-red light district in San Francisco. There are several cool paintings in the office. And the office has a cool vibe. Every once in a while they'll host artists or a concert.

But don't look for marble floors, mahogany walls, or white-shoed lawyers. You'll find none. But you will find, as the sign at the law office's entrance proclaims, "Honest Lawyers Upstairs."