The price of dissent
Welcome No. 2


A "criminal defense attorney in Alaska," who works "for the Office of Public Advocacy representing clients charged with serious charges throughout the State" has started a new blawg - Alaskablawg. The author "started this [blawg] to focus mostly on Alaska law, but to also deal with other issues, most of which deal with law, such as politics and social issues."

He also aspires to fill in a current gap in legal web logs:

My goal is to provide a quick digest each week of the cases decided by the Alaska Court of Appeals and occasional decisions by the Supreme Court. For those of you do not know, Alaska has two levels of appellate courts: The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals deals only with criminal cases. All direct appeals go to the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court has discretion as to what cases they take out of the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court takes by direct appeal non-criminal appeals.

Welcome, good luck, and I hope my guests will stop by your site to say hello.