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Innocence Lost

This excellent article entitled "Innocence Lost" discusses numerous cases of innocent people being freed from prison.  As you might expect, none of the prosecutors apologized for falsifying evidence, withholding evidence in violation of their ethical and legal duties, and putting lying police officers on the witness stand.  At the least, I expected to see a prosecutor ask: "How could this happen?  How could I have done a better job?  How can I prevent this from happening again?"  Instead, what you get is this:

The strangest thing happened to John Stoll this past spring. After 20 years in jail for an infamous crime he did not commit, a judge said it had all been a mistake, and he was set free.

You win some, you lose some,” the prosecutor shrugged, refusing to offer any admission of error or hint of an apology for all that her office had put Stoll through. 

(Hat tip: Overlawyered)