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A Criminal Explosion

Over the past six months, the number of criminal law blogs, much like the federal criminal code, has exploded.  Here are the ones I know about:

Arbitrary & Capricious
- An Idaho public defender comments about criminal law issues, especially issues touching indigent defense.  I think "Skelly" is the nicest blogger.

Ashcroft v. Raich
- My other blog that collects sources and analyzes the issues in the medicial marijuana case that will either be the re-birth or death of federalism.

Blonde Justice - An anonymous female public defender tells war stories.  BJ is able to be both light-hearted and insightful.

CrimLaw - Ken Lammers, a Virginia attorney, is the author of the first blog devoted solely to criminal law.  His "A Week in the Life" feature is famous and reknowned in our small but significant world

Crim Prof Blog - Professors Chin and Godsey artfully defend the rights of the accused, abstractly and through pro bono efforts.  So far, I like what I've seen.

Criminal Appeal - Jon Soglin, a post-conviction specialist in Northern California, blogs about criminal law appellate decisions from California and the Ninth Circuit.  I always read his summaries after read the slip opinions for context, as Soglin puts each new case into its broader context.

I'm a PD - An infrequently updated blog by an LA County public defender.

Macondo Law - Tom Lincoln discusses all things of interest to criminal defense lawyers.

Orin Kerr - Professor Kerr is the most influential (and balanced) blogger on criminal law issues and he blogs at the Volokh Conspiracy.  You can read his posts exclusively by using this link.  (I only read Kerr, Volokh, and Barnett at the VC using this link).

PRACDL - Also by Tom Lincoln, this is the official blog of the Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Public Defender Dude - A SoCal PD discusses criminal law and, less frequently, liberal politics.

Sentencing Law & Policy
- Professor Douglas Berman of the Ohio State University's College of Law blogs exclusively about criminal sentencing.  He gained fame when his blog was the first-ever cited in a judicial opinion.

The Best Defense
- Tom Lincoln from Puerto Rico trades war stories.

True Believer - Lee McCoy's collection of DUI-horror stories makes me afraid to have a glass of wine with dinner.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog - The name speaks for itself.  Professors Henning and Podgor are prolific, insightful, and brilliant.  They're the best people covering white collar crimes in any fora.  Once the folks at the WSJ get smart, we'll lose them to the op-ed pages.

If I left you out, don't be hurt.  Instead, leave a note in the comments section or email me and I'll include you.