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How to Cross-Examine your Lawyer

Inc. Magazine has an article entitled "Learn to Love Your Lawyer" that teaches clients how to select and manage an attorney.  I especially enjoyed this segemet of the article:

Savvy legal consumers ask questions -- lots of them. If you're interviewing a litigator, ask how many jury verdicts he has won (himself, not a colleague or the firm in general) in the same area of law, and in the same courthouse. If the answer comes back "plenty," ask for a list of those cases with the names and telephone numbers of references. There's no better way to smoke out litigators whose actual experience consists of carrying the bags for a more senior partner at a two-hour witness deposition four years ago. The same goes for business lawyers. When a mergers-and-acquisitions partner confidently ticks off the half-dozen deals she and her firm have done in your industry, call a time-out. In which deals did this lawyer (not someone else in her firm) serve as lead counsel, not just as a bit player? "Nobody asks these questions," says Fred Bartlit, a Chicago litigator who often works with entrepreneurs.

That's very sound advice for clients, and for others looking for the truth.
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