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A Call for Sources

More and more people are reaching Crime & Federalism after googling overcriminalization.  Overcriminalization is becoming a popular topic, and I'd like to provide the best information available.

Thus, Overcriminalization.  At Overcriminalization I want to provide links to the best law review articles, op-eds, news stories, and verifiable anecdotes on the tendency of the government to criminalize everything.  Under this broad heading would include schools' "zero tolerance" policies.

Overcriminalization is not going to be a blog as such: It will be much less ambitious.  Mainly, I want to link to the best materials on overcriminalization.  It will be much more like Ashcroft v. Raich, where you can see that my goal is primarily to provide the reader with case information.

Please e-mail me (or leave in the comment section to this post) your suggestions.