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Execution Delayed?

Those of you following the Michael Ross saga in Connecticut have a new twist to contemplate: Having fought for the right to abandon his appeals and be put to death, and having fought back attempts from Public Defenders and his family to intervene, Mike has now decided to postpone today’s execution.


His lawyer, T.R. Paulding took a brow beating from United States District Court Judge Robert N. Chatigny late last week. The judge threatened to have the man’s law license unless the execution were stopped. Why? It just might be depressing on death row, the judge opined. Good golly, Miss Molly. Some judges sure do have penetrating insight.

Ross now plans to petition the court for permission to have another competency hearing. He wants to put to rest lingering concerns about his competency.

There is a small problem with this scenario. Ross has already been found competent after a hearing in December. Memo to the court: Look up res judicata.

The state plans to forge ahead with the killing as dawn breaks in New England. The families of the serial killer’s victims are crying foul, suggesting that the federal judge is a cry baby and has abused his authority.

It is unclear whether the execution will be delayed yet again. It is set to occur at 9 p.m. tonight. Expect the state to contend that the issue of competency has already been decided and there is no need to revisit the topic.

What can we expect from Chatigny? Apparently, anything. Give a guy a lifetime appointment and he’ll take whatever he wants.

Take a look at the transcript of Chatigny’s bullying of Paulding. Then ask yourself what is going on in Connecticut’s federal courts.