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Lying (?) Juror Cuffed

I don't know whether to categorize this story ("Judge has prospective juror cuffed") under goverment misconduct or just desserts:

    Prospective Cook County jurors typically get a red-and-white sticker that reads "juror," a daily check for $17.20 and a judge's lecture about the honor and importance of jury service.    

What they don't get, typically, is an escort to the lockup in handcuffs.     That's what happened this week to a frightened woman who Judge Evelyn Clay thought was lying to try to avoid serving in a felony case.    

On Tuesday, Clay brought the woman in front of her bench, told her she had committed perjury and then held her in contempt of court. She was released later in the day.

 I don't have any sympathy for people who shirk jury duty, though it might be that people who don't want to serve on juries shouldn't be forced to, since they could be more likely to vote guilty simply to end the deliberative process.  Still, I don't see anything to indicate that the woman was lying.  Unfortunately, the only way for me to decide would require me to look at a trial transcript.  Let's hope The Smoking Gun picks up this story.

(Thanks to Politics Blog for the pointer).