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Members of Repent America Charged with Hate Crimes

Members of a Christian group, Repent America, have been charged with violating hate crime laws for preaching at a pro-homosexual rally.  I just finished watching the video (linked to below) and I can't see the mebers of Repent America doing anything improper.

PHILADELPHIA -- A group of activists have been hauled into court for an unusual reason -- they are charged with hate crimes because they protested at a gay and lesbian rally.

Members of the Christian group Repent America face up to 47 years in prison for what the city of Philadelphia calls hate crimes.

Four defendants are charged with ethnic intimidation and rioting -- among other things -- after preaching at a gay festival. In October 2004, Michael Marcavage and four other members of Repent America were arrested for protesting at the annual Gay and Lesbian Festival in Center City.

An independent production company, Enough Said Productions, shot video of the altercations.

The full story is here, and video footage of the protest is available here.  More coverage here.

(Hat tip: CrimProf Blog)

UPDATE (2/17/05):  All charges are dismissed.