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Never Again

This is the type of article that makes my day:

Passengers jumped in to help restrain an unruly traveler on a flight from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach before the plane landed, authorities said.

A flight attendant on Southwest flight 2161 asked passenger Christopher Egyed, 37, to quiet down because he was disturbing other passengers, said Palm Beach County Sheriff's spokesman Paul Miller.

The man later made threats and headed toward the pilot's cabin, and after a flight attendant tried to stop him in the aisle, a group of passengers helped detain him, Miller said.

None of the people who detained this idiot were government officials.  None of them needed to surrender liberty for safety.  Instead, the passengers vigilantly protected and defended their liberty by stopping someone from harming them.

To protect and defend ourselves on airplanes (and elsewhere), it is unnecessary for us to give up liberty.  Rather, we need more liberty, namely we need to exercise our freedom to kick the asses of people who get out of line.  That's what the passengers here did.