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Who Wrote that Post?

I'm lucky to have several people blogging here while I study for the bar exam.  If you want to know who wrote a given post, look below the title of the post for the byline -- The author's name is in crimson text.

You can read my bio here.

David Giacalone, formerly an antitrust lawyer for the Federal Trade Commission, now mediates domestic disputes.  He blogs at f/k/a.

Norman Pattis is a Connecticut criminal defense and civil rights lawyer.  He also writes a weekly column for the Connecticut Law Tribune and owns a bookstore.

Timothy Sandefur is a staff attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, where he litigates economic liberties and property rights cases.  Mr. Sandefur also has an excellent blog of his own - Freespace.

Robert Sheridan lives in San Francisco, where he teaches constitutional law and works as a criminal defense lawyer.  You can read his full bio here, and his blog - Sheridan:Con Law - here.

If you wish to contact one of the contributors, leave a comment in one of his or her posts, and your contact information will automatically be forwarded to the author.

Although I respect everyone writing here, I don't necessarily endorse anything a contributor posts.  Each contributor retains full editorial control over - and copyright ownership of - his posts.