Congratulations Maren!
Choose Wisely

Don't Be Modest Mike

Wow! When I was in law school I was content merely to pass exams. I did not help craft winning briefs in the Eighth Circuit. I did not help craft winning criminal briefs for lawyers across the continent. I did not offer opinions and commentary to lawyers coast to coast.

Mike does all that.

The guy is a machine. And he deserves some praise for the assistance he offered Maren Choloupka in the Dossett case.  The case does not create new law, but it does reverse a trial court's erroneous instruction on the law. The trial judge had little comprehension of the elasticity of the state-action requirement in a federal civil rights action. Most significant language in the case? No reason a private party can't be sued under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 when they conspire with a state actor.

Mike also helped obtain a dismissal of criminal charges in Connecticut not long ago for a guy charged with possession of child pornography.

Not bad for a guy not yet past the bar.

No, Maren, you're not chopped liver. But today is Mike's turn for a little stroking.