Blawg Review #8
Post-Arrest, Pre-Miranda Silence

Connecticut Aching To Spoil Another Lake?

Call me a tree-hugging sentimentalist, but the limits of my libertarianism are reached when it comes to open space. Here in Southern New England, there isn't much open space left: Were Thoreau to look for a little peace these days, he'd have a hard time finding solitude.

So I find proposed legislation in Connecticut to make it easier to develop the land alongside of lakes alarming. Paving Paradise

The law of supply and demand will, if left to its own devises, level everything in sight. The marginal utility of another restaurant? For the entreprenuer, high; for those of us seeking to behold a Sun setting over a stand of pine, the cost is infinitely high. There is an economic value to peace and quiet.

Can't we simply designate some areas as off limits to press of development? Do we need to clog every forest with roads? Must each lakeside have an inn with all the noisy clutter that brings.

Strip malls everywhere; open space an endangered thing. I see nothing wrong with a law that recognizes the need to room to breath.