Strip Search Case
Pay Up!

Dennis Stephens of Zebulon, Georgia, is a Racist, and a Rapist (According to Court Filings)

Two black college kids were driving a rental car to Georgia Southern University, where they took classes.  Zebulon police officer Dennis Stephens pulled them over for going 72 in a 45.

Zebulon's police cars are equipped with video cameras.  This protects police officers, who can use the video evidence to prove that nothing untoward happened during the stop.  The camera never lies.

Stephens ordered the driver out of the car and searched him.  Stephens claimed he found a beer bottle cap in the driver's pocket, though he didn't follow the common practice of placing the cap in front of the video camera.  After he ordered the passenger out of the car, he claimed to have found a beer bottle in the car, though he didn't place this valuable evidence of guilt in front of the camera.

Stephens arrested the driver after he asked to speak to his lawyer; he arrested the passenger because an arrest warrant was out for someone with a different name, but the same birthday.  While in the car, Stephens told the men that they couldn't use the phone, and that he was going to "send you niggers away for a long time."

At the jail, the jailer told Stephens that the passenger should not have been arrested: the warrant was for someone else.  Instead of releasing the passenger, Stephens put him in a supply closet, choked him, and then threw his friend against him.  They both slammed to the floor. 

When they tried to get up, Stephens beat them with a baton.  He told the "niggers" he was going to send them to prison.  And he told them to strip.

When the passenger wouldn't take off his underwear, Stephens pulled it down to his ankles.

Stephens then sodomized both men with his police baton.

Although an en banc panel held that victims' civil rights actions could go forward,  Evans v. City of Zebulon, Georgia, No. 02-16424 (11th Cir. May 9, 2005) (en banc), I'm memoralizing Dennis Stephens' misdeeds.  Next time someone Googles him, they can find out he's a racist rapist.