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Eleventh Circuit has "Thomas More Moment"

A Season for Dissent

Criticisms of the government are needed - indeed, required.  Only sheep remain silent.  But there is  an appropriate time and place for everything - even speaking out.  Some people just don't get this.

A radical liberal used Memorial Day to attack President Bush's foreign policy.  Though no fan of the Iraq War, I saved my complaints for the other 364 days of the year.  That seemed a small price to pay in the name of decency.

Sadly, another group of rabid liberals want to hi-jack the 9-11 Memorial.  Instead of remembering the dead, they want to mock them.  Instead of building a monument or a reflection pond, where we can ponder and cry over the loss of American citizens whose only crime was going to work, these people want to speak of American atrocities.

Yes, America, like every other country, has blood on its hands.  We should confront our hurtful past, as President Bush did when he apologized to Japanese-Americans who were placed in concentration camps.  But the 9-11 Memorial isn't a place for apologies.  It's a place for remembrance.