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Juries, Jackson, and Nullification

Confessions of a Serial Instigator

For as long as I've been able to think, I've had a problem.  I'm a serial instigator.  I can't help it.  I see a way to raise some hell, and I take it.

Take the Tom Mesereau post, for example.  It was positive, and short, and I was going to leave it at that.  Then I saw that Nuge had left a comment to one of Norm's post.  "Nuge is here.  Man, I gotta say something about Spence!"  So the purpose of mentioning was Spence was mainly to rile Nuge up.  Awful, isn't it?

Then again, one of the nice things about blawging is the informality and familiarity with we develop with our readers.  In other fora, a person generally writes for a mythical reader - call it the average reasonable reader.  The average reasonable legal reader is generally a lawyer with a stick up his four points of contact.  But at Crime & Federalism, there's a core group of readers.  You're smart, and fun.

Even better is that there's a good balance of righties and lefties, of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists (you pagans don't get a capital letter).

I know if I take a cheap shot at organized religion, I can get Jeremy or Mark going.  If I take a shot at the Left, Aaron or "Mahan" come for me in the comments.  Speaking of liberals, I have a doozie of a post about school vouchers in the works.  I'm sure it'll get some of you going. 

Which is a lot of fun to me.  And I hope it's fun for you, too.  Seriously.

So, if you ever read something and think, "He's writing this just to get at me, isn't he," well, you're probably right.  But I mean it all in good fun.

Oh, and be sure to hit back.  After all, it takes two to agitate.