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Musical Meme

I've been passed a meme - the musical meme.  I feel bad for Ray Ward, who passed it to me, since my musical habits are boooooring.  I rarely listen to music.  When in my car, I keep the stero off and let the internal dialogue run, or pretend to argue cases, or do any number of other things sure to make people think I'm crazy.  The same too when I'm at home.

I should listen to music more often, but I have a hard time relaxing.  When I do listen to radio, it's one of two things: KJAZZ (jazz and blues); or Channel 70 on XM Radio (jazz).  (My mother-in-law bought recently bought me an XM Radio.  The thing was expensive, so I'd feel bad not using it.)  My favorite genre of music is Afro-Cuban jazz; my second favorite is hardcore rap (think Wu Tang Clan).

Now to the specific questions...

Total volume of music: Five or ten CDs.

Last CD I boughtWu Tang Forever.

Song playing right now:  None, but I'll pretend I'm listening to music.  Channel 70 is on, or Windows Music Player is piping in KJAZZ.

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (and why):
    * Forever, by Ben Harper - Post-wedding, first dance song.
    * Runnin' (Dying to Live) - Tupac and Biggie were both murdered.  But because they were black rap stars, their murders were shoddily investigated.  That about sums up race in America.
    * Landslide - Think first crush.  (By the way, I broke up with this crush after reading Catch-22 - which taught me everything a person needs to know about human "rationality.")
    * Da Mystery of Chessboxin' - You have to hear it to understand.
    * Welcome to the Jungle - Whenever I used to box, play football, or lift weights, this song was with me.