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Dark Justice -- Chapter 32

Still More on the Stolen Bar Exams

A quick reminder: Over 100 essays were stolen from a bar exam grader's car.  Because of this, the state bar imputed test-takers' scores for the missing essay.  Where were the exams stolen from?  Drum roll, please....

The exam grader was in a bar.  That's right, a bar, not the Bar, but an actual bar. He stuffed more than 100 plus exam books into a backpack, then locked them in his car and continued to drink. When he came out the answer books were gone.

I want this grader's name.  And I want to ensure that he never grades bar exams again.  I want him subject to public censure.  Someone so reckless with the examinees' futures might similarly show a cavalier attitude towards his clients.  At the least, California lawyers need to know whether this is someone who can't be trusted.

Although I've (justifiably) mocked Stamey's over-the-top letter and complaint, there is wisdom hidden in his childish screeds.  The test-taking center was like Ft. Knox.  Examinees had to present identification, get finger printed, and give a hand-writing sample.  All these measures were to ensure that no one but the examinees could affect the exams.

But the Committee of the State Bar of California let someone store the gold in his car.

 I am outraged.  People prepare for the bar like it's D-Day.  I watched my wife (who's brilliant) study for over 10-hours a day for the bar.  To think that all of her work could have been wasted because some irresponsible and inconsiderate asshole wanted a drink is, well, infuriating. 

Indeed, if you're not upset about this, take your pulse: you might not be alive.