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People Skills

One of the many reasons people still love Clinton (President Bush has similar skills):

I met President Clinton for the first time when he was still the president.... I was waiting in line to have my picture taken with him when the man in front of me turned, red wine in hand, and exclaimed "I am so excited" as he flung the remainder of his wine on my white shirt. I was 30 seconds away from being introduced to Clinton. I looked down at my stained shirt and in a moment of panic, as if the photographer cared, started pointing hysterically to my blouse saying in a frantic whisper "he just spilled wine on me. Can you see this? He spilled wine on me?" The photographer couldn't give a shit, but Clinton was watching the whole thing, laughing. "Don't worry about it. I'll help you cover it. Come here." and he pulled me close. Now you have to understand that in most of these pictures President Clinton is standing formallly next to the person, with space between the two, NOT SO WITH ME! OH NO! He pulled me to the wine side so we could conceal the stain.

Here's the photo.