Dark Justice -- Chapter 31
Should you Care About the Formatting of Briefs?

Questions that Deserve Answers

As noted in an earlier post, a bunch of liberal law professors have propounded questions of potential nominees.  But none of the signatories, including a non-signatory who is perhaps "bitter because I wasn't asked to sign it," have answered them.  Why not?  What are they afraid of?

Well, I answered them, though like I said, they answers aren't complete, and are probably a bit trite.  But hey, a guy can only do so much with those questions.  The Angry Clam has also answered them.  If anyone else has answered them, let me know so that I can link.  If none of the signatories answer them, well, we'll know what to think of them.  We're waiting...

[Ed's note: In keeping with C&F's policy of non-partisanship, a particularly nasty post about a really stupid - and, indeed, potentially frivolous - amicus brief a bunch of conservative law profs are signing will be ridiculed next week.]