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Tony Serra Sentenced to Prison

J. Tony Serra, a legal hero, was sentenced to 10-months in federal prison for not being able to afford to pay his income taxes.  I'll have a lot to say about his sentence.  In the meantime, don't miss this post from one of his lifelong friends.  Here's an excerpt:

Tony is a legendary defense lawyer, defender of civil rights, who often takes on impossible cases, often pro bono, and has had an extraordinary career in the San Francisco area and the rest of the nation. He lives a spartan life, drives junker cars. He is colorful, with a long grey pony tail, and wears suits he gets at the Salvation Army. About 10 years ago, 60 Minutes did a piece on him. The movie True Believer was about one of his cases, with James Wood playing Tony. A Google search turns up about 7000 references to him, and he's described as "radical," "flamboyant," and "renowned."

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(Hat tip: Skelly)