Blawg Review #20
Race, Juries, and Texas Lawyers

Prosecutor Kerri New is Sexist, and Hates Poor People

Kerri New, a then-Texas prosecutor, used preemptory challenges against two jurors for shameful reasons.  She struck one juror because he didn't have any teeth.  Because he lacked teeth, he must have been poor; and poor people should not be on juries.  Read pp. 17-18 of this document  for details.

Most shameful is that she struck a female for not being female enough.  Seriously - read page 19.

She is female.  She is dressed predominantly male.  She is wearing her hat backwards ... That, the female is dressed primarily as a male, is indicative of a liberal lifestyle.

Again, on page 23:

THE COURT: What was your problem with [the female juror?]  You said she didn't look good either.
KERRI NEW: Your Honor, she is a woman dressed in man's clothing ...

Got that, ladies.  Next time you show up in Kerri New's courtroom, you'd better dress like ladies.  Just to be careful, you should also curtsy.

(Thx, AWC)


In early May, after several inquiries by the newspaper, Ms. New was demoted and quit the district attorney's office.