Important Rape Shield Case
Behrens v. Regier

Woe is I

The Eleventh Circuit handed down three extremely interesting civil rights cases today, and I'm too busy to read them.  I have two small scholarly-type projects to finish for tomorrow, a memo on a complicated point of administrative law due today, and a motion to dismiss one count of murder and thirty counts of perjury due "sooner rather than later."  The MTD is one we should actually win, i.e., we're not filing it just to preserve error, so it really has to rock.  Here are the cases.  Feel free to summarize them in the comments.
    * Behrens v. Regier (no due process right to not have name included in child abuse database)
    * Bozem v. Orum (excessive force in jail)
    * Hicks v. Moore (blanket jail strip searches)