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Why I Heart Janice Rogers Brown

Roberts for Chief - Who's Next?

As I predicted a long time ago, Roberts has been nominated to serve as Chief Justice.  That was an easy prediction to make.  Now the tought call: Who's next?  I think there are only three (well, maybe four) candidates.

This list is based on the assumption that no white male is eligibile for the job.  This is for two reasons.  First, Democrats could easily oppose another white male: they could play the race card.  Second, President Bush is someone who cares very much about the Republican Party.  Unlike Clinton, who experts universally agree cost Democrats the 2000 election, President Bush is forward looking, and he's a team player.  His choice is similar to the choice Clinton make when he met Lewinsky.  The right choice helps the party.  Given the fanfare surrounding Hillary Clinton, Bush's next move could be his biggest single decision for the party.

He now has the chance to appeal to minority voters.  There is a segment of the black vote that Republicans learned they can tap: the morals-based black voters.  This groups is comprised of  voters who swarmed to the ballots to vote for anti-gay marriage legislation.  This group would be pleased to have a black woman for the poorest roots become a Supreme Court Justice.  Thus, I think Bush will nominate Janice Rogers Brown.

Second, the Republicans have also long targeted the Hispanic vote.  Thus, Al Gonzales is a strong contender.

A third option is Edith Clement.  She was recently a runner-up.  If Bush goes with a white female, it will be Clement.

A fourt opition is a white male (I know, I just said no white male was eligible.) Fred Thompson has been the good shephard.  If memory serves me, Rehnquist was nominated after having looked for someone to serve as associate justice, and Cheney was looking for Bush's Vice President running-mate when - hells bells - Cheney was tapped for the job.  Thompson is close to the action, and he is liked by the deicionmakers, which makes him pretty fly for a white guy.

Of course, these are just predictions.  When we make predictions, we let people know when we're right.  When we're wrong, we just say, "Ah, it's impossible to know these things."  Of course, it is impossible to do anything but guess.  Guessing who will be the next nominee is like guessing whom your teenager will next "fall in love" with.