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Ham and Eggs, Anyone?

Jay Sekulow: Flying Private Jets for Jesus

Tony Mauro has a must-read article about some, shall we say, innovative ways to hide how much Jay Sekulow is paid.  There aren't any surprises to those of you who know how most "non-profit" corporations operate.  But it is always interesting to read about the lavish lifestyles lived by those so willing to ask for the widow's mite

There's no question that Jay Sekulow is a great appellate lawyer, and that great appellate lawyers are entitled to charge a lot of money for their work.  What bothers me is when people who come in the name of God (or, as in the case of John Edwards, "public justice") ask so much from people who can afford so little.  I wonder who many hungry mouths Sekulow could feed by selling one of his homes.

I know the price of Sekulow's life.  I grew up in poverty.  Yet my mother, duped by these snake oil salesmen, would send money to the 700 Club and ACLJ.  As a child I wondered: "What kind of person would accept money from people as poor as my mother, and then spend that money on fancy cars and mansions?"  As an adult I learned the answer - scoundrels.

Sekulow should continue to receive respect for his legal skills, but I hope no one is blind enough to admire his morals.  People like him live lavish lifestyles at the expense of the poor.