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Federalism After Gonzales v. Raich

The Lewis and Clark Law Review has published a most interesting symposium entitled: "Federalism After Gonzales v. Raich."  Lawreview_mediumThey have also put the symposium articles online for free download.  Here are links to all the articles, though if you only have limited time, Pushaw's neo-federalist framework is quite sensible, and well worth reading:

Foreword: Limiting Raich by Randy E. Barnett

Is Morrison Dead? Assessing a Supreme Drug (Law) Overdose by Jonathan H. Adler

Why Not Heighten the Scrutiny of Congressional Power when the States Undertake Policy Experiments? by Ann Althouse

Raich and Judicial Conservatism at the Close of the Rehnquist Court by Eric R. Claeys

Rescuing Federalism After Raich: The Case for Clear Statement Rules by Thomas W. Merrill

“Society Must Be [Regulated]”: Biopolitics and the Commerce Clause in Gonzales v. Raich by John T. Parry

The Medical Marijuana Case: A Commerce Clause Counter-Revolution? by Robert J. Pushaw, Jr.

What Hath Raich Wrought? Five Takes by Glenn H. Reynolds & Brannon P. Denning