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Ten Tips to a Better Blog

Via Matt Homan comes Jakob Nielsen's "Top Ten Weblog Design Mistakes."  C&F does more right than wrong, but we have been making changes with Mr. Nielsen's suggestions in mind.  I've changed C&F's design, and increased the posts' font size.  I updated Norm's bio.  (I updated mine, too, but it's pretentious so I'm not going to point it out; though it's easy enough to find.)  I'm still trying to figure how to find cool images for all of my posts, like they do at Concurring Opinions.

On an unrelated note (and I'm probably breaking some rule of good blogging in changing topics so abrubtly): Ken Lammers has lots of fun people blogging at CrimLaw, including a prosecutor and law student.  Also, he has some robo-cop-looking template going on so be sure to visit - and bookmark - CrimLaw.