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I Accept Full Responsibility (Except That It's Not My Fault, And You Shouldn't Discipline Me)

In 2004, Florida judge John Soop ordered 11 people into jail for failing to appear for traffic court.  The 11 traffic miscreants failed to appear because courtroom staff gave them wrong directions.  When a couple of judges said "Hey, man, these people received bad directions; they don't belong in jail," the judge took a lunch break, and ate popcorn.  He also shopped for parts for his trailer.  But it's not his fault.  The judge, who has a history of judicial misconduct, has offered this defense: I have ADHD.

Putting aside the ADHA issue, the article is amusing because the judge, of course, takes full responsibility for his cruel deeds, all the while fighting like hell to keep his judgeship.  I guess accepting responsibility means having to say you're sorry, but never having to suffer any consequences.